Why MBA at GCI?

Intense Focus on Research-based practices

  1. Case studies
  2. Articleship in contemporary issues
  3. Seminar lectures in management
  4. Mini research projects
  5. Graduate research projects
  6. Corporate research and development projects


Developing issue based teaching learning

  1. Industry academia linkage
  2. Economic and political decentralization
  3. Corporate governance
  4. Planning under federal regime

Robust time management

  1. Academic calendar in place
  2. Classes strictly in time line
  3. Zero class off
  4. Defined time-based exams and results
  5. Least number of public holidays

Student initiated multi-mode approach of teaching learning

  1. Business incubation program
  2. Case development and presentation
  3. Referred journal article writing
  4. Project work and presentation
  5. Student developed thematic presentation
  6. Workshop and seminar conduction

Degree with International learning exposure

  1. TU recognized international MBA degree
  2. Two weeks orientation workshop at Shinawatra University, Thailand
  3. International faculty delivered courses in Thailand and Nepal
  4. International internship and placement
  5. International graduate research project (IGRP) opportunities


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