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The college family congratulates to the following winners of “Singing Competition–2016” (Final Round): Karlos Rai, XI J1 Science in the song ma yesto geet…held the first position, Marjina Sherchan and Roselyn Shrestha, XII B2 Science in the song suna… became the second, Paurakh Pykurel, XI A1 Science in the song bistarai, bistarai…became the third and Saral Shrestha, XI D1 Management in the song Ram saili…got the consolation prize in the competition.

Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna-the Principal witnessed the event and encouraged students to participate actively in such extra-curricular activities. The judges to the program Mr. Shishir Yogi and announced the results. Both of the judges are the prominent singers and have contributed immensely to Nepali music industry. Mr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary-Program Director, Mr. Suraj Baral-A Level Program Coordinator and Mr. Ganesh Datt Bhatt-Management Program Coordinator gave away the prizes to the winners and awarded the volunteers with certificates of contribution.

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15 Nov 2016_Singing Competition 2073

15 Nov 2016_Singing Competition 2073