Presentation by Ms. Malvika Subba CEO, Idea Studio

On January 2, 2017 Ms. Malvika Subba, CEO of Idea Studio have presented the concept of the event ‘Idea Hunt’ to the MBA perusing students of Global College International. During her presentation, she put light on the objectives of the ‘Idea Hunt’ is to provide encouragement and opportunities to those who are willing to share their innovative ideas related to infrastructural development in order to solve the socio-economic hurdles currently faced by the Nation. She also explained about the initiation taken by CNI along with Idea Studio Nepal with an objective of increasing general public engagement to identify problems and come up with possible innovative solutions to address infrastructure deficits. She encouraged the MBA perusing students of Global College International to participate in the event and pitch their creative business ideas that will bring the positive changes in the society. Idea Hunt is the event organized by Idea Studio, a Platform to turn promising ideas into solutions and ultimately ignite social change and unlock youth potentials in favor of entrepreneurship through innovation.