MBA for Executive

The MBA Executive is a master’s degree program designed for professionals who are career-minded, hardworking, goal-oriented and committed to achieving a brighter future. Students may choose to complete their study program as soon as within 18 months. With an exciting mix of professionals from all sectors, Global College International has an environment from which all can benefit.

The program prepares managers who are comfortable in a wide range of disciplines and culture, and are able to exploit the opportunities for growth presented by the possibility of innovation. The program introduces ideas and frameworks that are immediately applicable to one’s area of work and provides the chance to develop knowledge and experience.

The program is designed and implemented to accommodate time constraints of working professionals. Classes are conducted in the evening (after office hours). In doing so, it caters to employees who are working full time and still intend to fulfill their higher education aspiration without having to compromise on either end.

The MBA (executive) program is affiliated to Shinawatra University, Thailand. All graduating students are conferred the Master of Business Administration Degree by Shinawatra University, upon successful completion of the program.

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