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Induction Program MBA 2017 Spring

Global College International organizes induction program for its new batch of MBA students before their orientation program at Shinawatra University in every semester to introduce new students to their academic journey at GCI. A variety of short workshops at the beginning of the academic session is designed to provide information and support on issues relevant to new students. These are aimed at easing the transition in GCI as well as facilitating academic and personal success.

For its 6th batch students enrolled in MBA 2017 spring, GCI commenced the induction classes form January 25, 2017. This will continue till February 04, 2017 and will be followed by the orientation program at Shinawatra University, Bangkok which is scheduled for February 06 till February 17, 2017.

The objective of conducting the induction class is to set the positive outlook in the students and connect the new students with their colleagues and the college environment. The program includes a variety of activities such as team-building, workshops, lectures and social events.

The Induction module sets the context for the rest of the program and helps reacquaint student with the rigors of academic study. Taking part in a series of team activities, the students will be able to reflect on their role and performance. By sharing feedback with MBA team of GCI new students can relate their performance and behavior to a range of archetypes – and consider how they might develop as responsible individual and best use GCI – MBA opportunities.