Day 4_Induction Class_MBA Fall 2017_6th Batch_29 Jan 2017 (42)

Induction Class for MBA 2017 Spring Batch Day 4: Communication Etiquettes for Professionals Resource Person: Prof. Dr. Ramesh Bajracharya


On January 29, 2017 – fourth day of induction program, MBA sixth batch students of GCI had a meaningful learning experience in Prof. Dr. Ramesh Bajracharya’s session on ‘Communication Etiquettes for Professionals’. Prof. Bajracharya, stated that in today’s workplace, communication etiquette is constantly being observed by different stakeholders. People will get the impression of the person through their interaction with them, often without even realizing it. He articulated the participates that every part of our communications—technological (texting, email, social media)—verbal—and body language—must send a message of professionalism. Prof. Bajracharya highlighted the importance of communication etiquettes and the benefits of mastering these skills for MBA aspirants of GCI. Understanding communication etiquettes and mastering these skills will provide the students greater confidence in business situations and greater professionalism as they have to represented the brand, and reputation of companies or businesses at some point of time in their professional career. Prof. Bajracharya stressed that people skills and professionalism will never be out of style. They’re important for career success and advancement. He emphasized the essentials of these soft skills for the professionals to successfully conduct business and profession.