GCI Orientation program for MBA 2017 Spring, Thailand (1)

GCI Orientation program for MBA 2017 Spring Batch

As a continuation of GCI tradition, MBA Sixth Batch Students of Global College International (GCI), Nepal Country Campus of Shinawatra University (SIU) are having their student orientation program at SIU, Thailand form February 27, 2017 till March 10, 2017.

The Academic Orientation Program has been jointly planned by GCI and SIU to help students transition into college life and provide them with a strong foundation for achieving their career goals.

Because of these commitments to student success, GCI requires new students to attend the orientation program at SIU. To offer innovative and unique orientation program to jump-start the college life of its students with an enthusiasm. These opportunities will help the students to discover pathways for global leadership development and learning through a variety of settings.

During this period variety of events are being organized to orient and welcome new students of GCI and provides the students with an opportunity to meet other international students, faculty members and team at SIU.

During the orientation program, students participate in a wide range of social activities, including musical and other performances, sports challenges, open-air markets, visiting the attractions and industrial visits.

The new MBA sixth batch students of GCI will have opportunity to navigate the main university campus at SIU, learn about social and academic resources, receive academic advises, get their university registration, meet new people and begin to make international connections, get their questions answered form the concern authority at SIU, have fun, and show their confidence in achieving their career goals.

Global College International aims to encourage students to become well-rounded, innovative and lateral thinking entrepreneurs and business leaders who are truly ready to compete in the 21st century global economy.

Students are given opportunities and encouragement to practice their leadership skills and challenged to find new approaches to apply to business successfully. They are equipped with skills in trending technology, communications and all updates needed for their future career.