Congratulations to the winners of  Business Presentation Competition 2016 !!!

Business Presentation Competition 2016

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Global College International proudly announces the following students who are the winners of the Business Presentation Competition 2016.

It’s been a real experience organizing it and watching it uncover these gems of presentations. We would like to thank the judges, Min Bahadur Singh and Vijay Bhatt who are stars in the presentation field themselves.

First prize winners presented the absolutely brilliant presentions by Simran Khadka and Dilasha Basnet. In addition to that, it was a stylistic rendition of a presentation by Anamol Khadka among them on the topic Developing Countries need Trade not Aid.

  • Second prize winners were Reeya Acharya, Ibrina Bajracharya and Isha Ghimire titled Human Resource Management.
  • Third prize winners were Ayush Agrawal, Mekendra Rawat and Prajwol KC titled Conglomerate.


The event was held in the Seminar Hall on the 16th of November, 2016, and had an excellent turnout.

The Learning Curve. Overall, the competition was an immense success, and we look forward to having more such business presentation competitions in the future, which give students of Business Management a platform to share their research work with their peer community.

The event, organized by GCI went through an external review process and were judged on the basis of Presentation Skills, Content, Claim/Support Examples, Current Relevancy/Reliability and Time Management.