A-level Faculty

In the classroom, the faculties

  • encourage questioning as a positive means of learning and an important method of gaining greater insight into what is being taught;
  • become examples to students, encouraging them to move beyond their comfort zone of ideas and of traditional student/ teacher roles;
  • encourage students in the realisation that the ever-increasing knowledge of all subjects that focuses on ‘learning how to continue learning’ is essential;
  • stress the importance of international issues while being well acquainted with national;
  • identify areas that can be focused on in every subject and cautiously addressed;
  • base projects on international themes thus helping assimilate different cultures and;
  • expose students to different cultures through literatures.

The Name list of faculties are:

  • Giriraj Paneru

    • Lecturer, Mathematics, M.Sc. Mathematics, Tribhuvan University
    • Email: girirajpaneru73@gci.edu.np
  • Keshav Bhatta

  • Mahesh Niraula

  • Suyog Dahal

  • Min Bahadur Singh

  • Dil Kumar Thakuri

    • Lecturer, General Paper
    • Email: dilkumarthakuri@gci.edu.np
  • Keshav Pandit

    • Lecturer, Accounting
    • Email: keshavpandit200@gci.edu.np
  • Suman Neupane

    • Lecturer, Psychology, M Ed. English and Psychology, Tribhuvan University
    • Email: neupane_s@gci.edu.np
  • Vijay Bhatt

    • Lecturer, Business, M Com, Bombay University, Mumbai Maharasthra, India
    • Email: vjbt9165@gci.edu.np
  • Laxman Dhungana

    • Lecturer, Sociology
    • Email: dhunganalaxman3@gci.edu.np
  • Rishab Dev Khanal

    • Lecturer, General Paper
    • Email: rishavdevkhanal21@gci.edu.np
  • Urmila Dyola

    • Lecturer, Biology
    • Email: dyolaurmila@gci.edu.np
  • Deependra Yadav

    • Lecturer, Computer Science, Master in Computer Application, ICA-IGNOU, New Delhi, India
    • Email: npleaderhero@gci.edu.np
  • Sthir Raj Chapagain

    • Lecturer, Literature in English
    • Email: csthir_3@gci.edu.np
  • Sanjeet Maharjan

    • Teacher, Art and Design, Bachelor in Fine Art, Kathmandu University
    • Email: dabstractface@gci.edu.np

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